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Tulips with Frogs


Artist: Linda Cosgrove (USA)
Medium: Oil on board – framed
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Selected by Art Advisor Alex Ray

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Linda Cosgrove arrived in San Francisco in 1976 after her university studies. She is surrounded by her important collection of rare European and Latin American artifacts – artifacts that often appear in her paintings. Her surrealist works in oil are acclaimed for reviving the medieval practice of oil-on-copper, and create a synthesis of Renaissance-inspired pieces with a strong hint of dark humor. The further one ventures into her work, the more visible is the differentiation.

Cosgrove’s art is featured in collections throughout Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. She has been featured in many prestigious shows, including the New York Armory International Exhibit in which she was featured as one of the exhibition highlights, in the company of renowned artists including Durer, Rembrandt and David Hockney.

“Linda Cosgrove exhibits a technique and sensitivity to the medium of oil painting not typically experienced in today’s art market. She has kept a low profile, conducting her work mainly in a private setting, and has established herself outside the usual channels required in the art world. She represents a style and content that can be exploited in the best sense on an international stage. Her work is labor intensive, in the manner of the old schools, but she is prolific considering the level of detail that is required of her painting style. – Dr.Karena Gupton Akhavein, PhD



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